Some Tips On Locating Important Elements In Wedding Gowns

Shortly after that, Melton mailed the prints to Gurany’s mother in El Paso. “There should only be happy emotions associated with that type of an event and those types of memories. But unfortunately, the one person who was supposed to capture those moments is the one person who had a big hand in ruining that moment,” said Gurany. In fact, dozens of clients have complained about the same thing, alleging April Melton captured their special moments and kept the snapshots. “They're all, engagement photos, wedding photos, newborn photos, maternity photos and deployment photos ... And sometimes, those people don't come back and then you're destroying that memory,” said Gurany. Hermes says she contacted KFOX14 Investigates after seeing another local post on ‘915 On Blast’ about a kids basketball team Melton photographed but didn't give the pictures to. KFOX14 Investigates went down to Melton’s central El Paso studio to speak with her. She told us she is aware of negative online reviews. “Even if I go and say something nice on that Google response, who's going to believe me anyway?

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